Fall Family Portraits in Baldwinsville, NY

November 4, 2019 Family

A few weeks back, Steph and I took a weekend trip out to Syracuse to photograph our good friends Mike, Kaylin and their daughter, Payton. Payton had just celebrated her first birthday and the fall foliage provided the perfect backdrop to commemorate the event with her parents. 

Fall Family Portraits Photos Baldwinsville

Unfamiliar with the area, Kaylin suggested we meet up at Beaver Lake Nature Center, which turned out to be a great spot! It didn't hurt that she had color-coordinated outfits and brought along some adorable props that brought this shoot to the next level (note to self: acquire fluffy stool and balloons).

Oftentimes, my clients are nervous about having their pictures taken, concerned they won't turn out well, or uncomfortable with the idea of posing. The truth is, if you're having fun and with people you love, it will translate to the final product and you'll love your images. I'm a firm believer that it's not a photographer's technical ability that makes the biggest impact on a shoot, but their ability to make a client have fun and feel comfortable. With that said, Mike, Kaylin and Payton were naturals. 

Fall Family Portaits Photos Baldwinsville

FYI, Kaylin pointed out to me that you can purchase complete family outfits for photoshoots on Amazon. Coordinating colors and bringing along props are a great way to get the most out of your photo shoot. See some more of my favorites from this shoot below.

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